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  Welcome to Memories of WRSU Rutgers Radio- If you ever worked there, these are your times.
  This site is a work in progress. After the 70th Anniversary Party,we started to go through the archives, showed that very little is actually saved. College students are very today, and have a tendency not to save much. Only in later years do they call back and ask if some game was saved. Usually not.
As a start, the site is mostly a collection of information and pictures/news paper articles. And some sounds. These are actually the hardest to find.
These images came from the following:
Rutgers University - Special Collections - Alexander Library
Steven Greene '79
Charles Brookwell '48
Daniel Schleck '78
and WRSU Alumni from all over.

As time goes on, more will added. If you have anything to be added, contact via wrsu@wrsufm.com

Site sorted by decade, and then by information category type. Often, the year for the image is simply a guess. Based on the background, or staffer. Many of the images have no name with the pictures, and a lot of 'unknown'. If you know who these people are, a correction will be made.
This site has no official connection to WRSU. It is a 'fan' site, made by a former long time member.
WRSU was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. I hope this bring back some fond memories. Enjoy.
Now it is time to do a legal ID:  WRSU....

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